This section contains some applications and libraries I’ve been making. All projects come with documented source code, and are usually released under the MIT license. All are written in Java with JavaFX or Swing GUIs (if any), except for Hexkit which uses C# and WPF.

  • Tektosyne — Library for computational geometry and graph-based pathfinding. Downloads include a GUI demo application and PDF overview documentation.
  • Class Diagrammer — Application for creating UML class & package diagrams from the type information in Java JAR files. Diagrams are automatically updated for changed JAR contents.
  • MIME Browser — Application for browsing MIME messages that are stored locally in EML files.
  • Referrer Filter — Utility for filtering server logs based on a configurable referrer whitelist.

Game Projects — Their entertainment value is rather limited, but you might find the source code and documentation helpful for making your own games.

  • Hexkit — Strategy game system for turn-based games played on tile-based maps. Downloads include a GUI scenario editor and extensive PDF documentation on game, editor & algorithms.
  • Myriarch — Experimental real-time combat simulator for pre-gunpowder tactical warfare.
  • Star Chess — Tiny space strategy game that resembles chess and employs a modified chess algorithm for its computer players. Downloads include PDF documentation for the computer player algorithm.